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Prepare to meet your baby in the most delicious way possible, with our organic The Final Push raspberry leaf tea.  A blend of raspberry leaf, that has been used for millennia to prepare the body for labour, and whole peppermint leaf to support digestion.


It can be drunk from 32 weeks onwards.


  • Raspberry leaf tea has been traditionally used to help ease your baby's entrance into the world. It has been linked to a shorter second stage of labour.  
  • We have blended organic red raspberry leaves with organic whole peppermint to create a deliciously sweet and refreshing cuppa
  • Start drinking 1 cup at 32 weeks, increasing to drink up to 3 cups a day until your baby arrives
  • The soothing properties of whole peppermint leaves can help to ease heartburn, and aid digestion.  They also make the tea delicious - as on it's own, raspberry leaf is extremely bitter and hard to drink
  • 100% natural ingredients, plastic free, biodegradable tea bags and packaging
  • Gluten free and vegan friendly
  • Each bag makes 2 cups of tea - leave the bag in if you like a stronger brew
  • Multi-award winning: The Final Push has won the 2019 UK Baby Awards - Best Maternity Product, and the 2020 Dear Bump - Best Pregnancy Supplement. 

HotTea Mama | Final Push Raspberry Leaf Tea

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