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SneakPeek Clinical Gender DNA Test

sneakpeek clinical early gender DNA test

SneakPeek Clinical



Sneakpeek clinical early gender DNA test
a family finding out their baby is going to be a boy

Boy or Girl? Find out with SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test!


This is a clinical test, not the at home kit and has an accuracy of 99.9%


A blood sample is taken from Mum’s arm, in the relaxing surrounding of Bumpkins York, by a trained phlebotomy specialist, it is NOT a finger stick test. 

Available from 6 weeks into pregnancy

99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test

Administered by phlebotomy professional

Results emailed straight to you within 10 days*







*This is on average, your results can come through quicker or on occasion take slightly longer. Unfortunately, Bumpkins York has no control over this.

*2D scan to be taken before 15weeks gestation


Learn more:


Work out when you are 6 weeks pregnant here.....

£129 Blood Test Only
£179 Blood Test & Scan*

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