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Blood Tests

woman having a blood sample taken from her arm
couple looking at pregnancy test

NIPT (Non Invasive PreNatal Testing) provides expectant parents with the latest in antenatal screening technology to identify the risk of genetic conditions during pregnancy, as well as the gender of your baby. We offer the PrenatalSAFE range of NIPT & all results are delivered by a medical professional directly to you with access to a genetic counsellor if required.

Advances in scientific methods, ensure we can now offer 'non-invasive' prenatal paternity tests during pregnancy with no risk to your unborn baby. With 99.9% accuracy testing for up to 2 potential fathers from 10 weeks pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Wellness testing provides some women with invaluable peace of mind and can help to address some of their symptoms including those relating to morning sickness or getting a diagnosis of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

In addition to NIPT we offer the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA test for those wanting to find out the gender of baby from as early as 6 weeks.

Tests are performed using a simple blood test from the mother and with no risk to your unborn baby. Each test is performed using a simple maternal blood sample taken here at Bumpkins Baby. For paternal tests a cheek swab from the father is required.

What We

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DNA strand

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

From 10 Weeks 
Starting at £379

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Paternity Testing

From 10 Weeks

Early Gender DNA Clinical Test

From 6 Weeks

What you say...

Came for an early scan at 10 weeks and came back for 4D scan.
Incredible place, really awesome people and stunning pictures of our little baby. Wholeheartedly recommend!
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