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Bump, Baby & Beyond Yorkshire

Meet Clare and Claire at Bump, Baby and Beyond; your partners on the beautiful journey to parenthood. Working as NHS midwives, we have seen it all and are here to make your
transition into parenthood smoother and more empowering than ever before.
Both proud mums, Clare and Claire understand the rollercoaster of emotions that come with pregnancy, birth & beyond.
Based in rural North Yorkshire, we offer a no nonsense approach to classes to compliment your routine care.
With Clare and Claire, you can expect practical guidance, realistic advice and unwavering support tailored to your needs.
Join our classes today to help you grow in confidence in your body, your choices and your abilities as a parent. It’s time to embrace this transformative journey with Clare and
Claire for your bump, your baby and beyond.

Based at Bumpkins, Pregnancy Care Centre, York; we are proud to offer Practical, Private Antenatal Sessions led by 2 local, Registered Midwives.

The sessions will be run with small groups and are tailored towards first time parents.

We aim for inclusivity however if you are specifically interested in same sex, teens or disability groups do please contact us.

Session Overview
Babies due Nov/Dec 2024 : 15th & 29th August, 12th & 26th September 6.30pm


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Session 1 | The Journey

Session 2 | Birthing

Session 3 | Practical Parenting


Trimester & Milestones

Birth Place & Choices

Health & Pregnancy

Bump Bonding

Relaxation Methods

Additional Supports

The ‘Plan’

Optimal Positioning

Stages of Labour

What to Pack

Perineal Massage



Infant Feeding




Soothing Baby

Safe Sleeping

Cord Care

Session 4 | Early Days

Body Changes

Emotional Wellbeing

Partner Involvement

Changing Relationships

Growing a support

Feeding Challenges

Pelvic Health

Claire Collins BSc (Hons),

Registered Midwife


Clare Jemmitt BSc (Hons),
Registered Midwife

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