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The perfect travel companion to support your sleep on the go....


Never leave home without your Glow Travel Sleep Easy, 3-in-1 unit. Small, compact and rechargeable you can maintain your sleep routine on the go with Pink Noise, Red LED Light and a Scent Nebuliser! The slim design of our unique travel unit will run all night with no need to use any water! Use your Glow Travel Sleep Easy for 2 or 4 hours, or let it run all night long.


  • Compact and easy for travel Red LED Light Therapy encourages the brain to produce more melatonin - the hormone that prepares our cells for sleep.
  • No water needed for scent nebuliser and will run all night! Promotes deep, relaxing breathing and helps to ease congestion and illness.
  • Organic pink noise creates a consistent soundscape to prevent unnecessary wake ups and help the brain achieve deep Slow-Wave sleep.
  • Aromatherapy calms the mind and nervous system
  • Long-life battery and rechargeable
  • 12 months replacement warranty
  • Fits in pram and car cupholders
  • Flexible settings to suit your environmentmonitors and remote controls. It is the safest and lowest power radio frequency.

Glow Dreaming | Glow Travel Sleep Easy

  • Red LED Light
    The first button on the front controls our Red LED Light, which is used to support great sleep. Tap the LED Light button once to turn on the red light to the dimmest setting. Tap a second time to increase the brightness to the medium setting, and a third time to take it to the brightest setting. The brightest setting is the best to use during your wind-down time before bed, and for night-time feeds and nappy changes, however, pick the brightness
    setting that suits your environment. The Red LED Light encourages the brain to produce more natural melatonin, the hormone that makes us drowsy and prepares us for sleep. Tap the button a fourth time to turn the light off.

    Pink Noise
    The second button controls the Pink Noise: tap the Volume button once to turn the pink noise on to the quietest setting. Tap the Volume button again to turn it to the medium volume and then again to the loudest volume – tap one last time to turn it off again. Pink Noise covers up household noises like pets, rustling sheets or traffic, preventing these noises from causing unnecessary wake-ups in the night. You can also adjust the sound for restaurants or if on
    the move on public transport or on a plane. Pink noise also creates a super consistent soundscape, which helps the brain relax and achieve deeper slow-wave sleep more easily. Our Pink Noise is super safe for your family as the loudest setting doesn’t go above safe levels for developing ears.

    Scent Nebuliser
    Third is the Scent Nebuliser button. Push the Timing button once to turn the nebuilser on to the 2hr setting. The Glow Travel Sleep Easy has no heating element, so it’s super safe for your family. The Scent Nebuliser doesn’t use any water either, so there’s no risk of spilling when you’re out and about.
    On the 2hr or 4hr setting, the entire Glow Travel Sleep Easy will turn off after 2 or 4 hours, so the pink noise, light and aroma will all turn off.
    Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment can be unsettling for your family: use the Scent Nebuliser to bring the familiar and comforting aromas that you use at home with you everywhere.
    Tap the Timing Button 3 times to use the aroma for up to 12 hours.

    Child Lock
    Lastly, we have the Child Lock feature: push the power button on the back of the Glow Travel Sleep Easy. a second time to lock the settings in place.
    This way if your little one gets hold of the unit, or if you’re moving it around while you’re on the go, you won’t accidentally change the settings and disturb your little one’s sleep. Push the Power button on the back a third time to turn the unit off completely.

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