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Glow Sleep Easy; The smart device that puts a sleep expert in the palm of your hand


The Glow Sleep Easy combines all the features you need to get the sleep you
deserve, it’s the smart sleep device that will enrich your sleep routine, reduce
night waking and prevent early waking in one sleek, app-enabled unit.

Use our Red LED Light to boost your little one’s natural levels of melatonin,
the sleep hormone, before bed – making it easier to settle to sleep. Coupled
with our organic Pink Noise to prevent unnecessary wakeups and help your
little one achieve deep, slow-wave sleep. Set a 2- or 4-hour timer or let the
Pink Noise and Red LED Light run all night!

Our ultrasonic Humidifier will run for 10-12 hours overnight to help promote
deeper breathing and ease any congestion. Can be used with plain water or
with our range of essential oils specifically curated to help and support your
little one’s sleep.

Our Green to Rise Light helps your child learn the best times to be asleep
and awake. The Glow Sleep Easy can be app controlled from any room in
the house and gives you access to our Sleep Memberships where you can
contact our team for one-on-one support.




Download our App to access additional features including the remote control

– all the recommended settings for the Light, Pink Noise and Humidifier are

pre-set in the app, turn them on with a single touch!

Place your Glow 1m or 3ft away from the edge of the bed, in a place where

your little one can easily see it while lying down.

Put it on a hard surface like a table (soft fabric, carpet or rattan will dull the

sound of the pink noise).

Point the Cool Mist towards your little one. Run the Glow for 20 mins before

bringing your little one into the room, then use the Wind Down and Overnight

settings for best results.

Glow Dreaming | Glow Sleep Easy

    • Download our App to control your Glow remotely via Bluetooth and access special extra features.
    • Contact our team for one-on-one, personalised sleep support to set up healthy habits or resolve issues.
    • Resolve early waking by showing your little one the best times to be awake and asleep.
    • Red LED Light Therapy encourages the brain to produce more melatonin - the hormone that prepares our cells for sleep.
    • Promote deep, relaxing breathing and help to ease congestion and illness.
    • True organic pink noise creates a consistent soundscape to prevent
    • unnecessary wake ups and help the brain achieve deep Slow-Wave sleep.
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