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How many people can come with me to my scan?

We can accommodate up to 10 guests - the number depends on your scan package.

Can I bring children to my scan?

Yes, but they need to remain under your supervision while you're here.

Does it matter how much water I drink?

It is important to be well hydrated, not just with a full bladder on the day, but to have been drinking plenty of water on a regular basis. A number of factors can affect the clarity when we scan you, including hydration, position of the placenta & a higher BMI.

Does this scan replace my hospital scan?

No this scan is in addition to your routine antenatal hospital scans and does not replace them. This is not a diagnostic scan so we will not be looking for any potential problems. Therefore you must still attend all of your normal hospital appointments.

Where abouts is Bumpkins York?

We are based just outside Stamford Bridge. Our postal address is Birk Farm Corner Stables, Buttercrambe Road, York, YO41 1AR. Being rural, sat navs can be a bit tricky, look out for the Jolly Days sign, we're on the opposite side of the road, where the sign is for Birk House, turn up the track, we're at the end up on the right.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please  bring your hospital notes with you, these are required just in case we need to contact your healthcare provider.


Is a rescan included?

If baby isn't playing ball & despite all our best efforts we cant capture what we need to we will arrange a complimentary rescan. These are at the discretion of Bumpkins York, to be taken within 2 weeks of your original scan and are scheduled during the week rather than the weekend.

Is 4D part of my gender scan?

4D is not part of our gender scan package, we offer separate 4D scanning packages. However, if baby is in the right position we will do our best to give you a sneak peek in 4D. If this isn't possible it is not something we would offer a free rescan for.

How many images do I get?

This varies across our packages, please see the package tab on the menu for further information. We offer an add on for photo upgrade in a presentation box.

Can I get my images on a USB?

Yes, we sell USBs with your images & any video clips on for £6. Some of our packages include images sent to you automatically via the Bumpkins Baby App where you can download & share them.

We'd like to do a gender reveal when we get home, do you sell items for this?

Yes, we sell gender reveal confetti cannons (£7) and large girl/boy gender reveal balloons (£6). We also sell a gender reveal home kit which includes a cannon, gender reveal balloon, 2 pink & 2 blue balloons & ribbon (£13). You can purchase these on the day & pre order when you place your booking.

We don't want to know the gender until we do our reveal - can you keep it secret & set up the reveal kit for us?

Yes, however this will affect your scanning experience. Kate would usually turn on the big screen so you can have a good look at baby wriggling around in there & if possible give you a quick peek in 4D but if you're wanting to keep gender a secret, depending on how baby is positioned this won't be possible, you might see something you didn't want to!! We would also ask that you have a friend or family member with you so if anything needs explaining we have someone to communicate with. 

Can we hold our gender reveal at Bumpkins York?

Yes. We offer a scan then a few days later you can return with your friends & family to do the big reveal. We can do it all, reveal cake, gender reveal balloons & cannons, delicious dessert table & refreshments - please contact us to discuss your specific requirements & we'll put a package together just for you.


How accurate is your gender scanning?

As with all scanning companies, Bumpkins York cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in sexing the baby, but Kate has an amazing track record! You have no right to recourse against Bumpkins York Ltd for error in gender determination.

Can we capture baby's heartbeat?

Some scans include an image which shows your baby's heart trace. We can also record the heartbeat & capture this either on USB, heartbeat cuddly, gender specific teddy or heartbeat heart, just let us know either when you book or arrive.

Do I come to Bumpkins or do you come to me?

All scans are performed at Bumpkins HQ, our CQC approved & regulated premises.

I'm expecting twins - do I pay extra for my scan?

Yes, due to the additional time & effort it takes for Kate to determine the gender of your babies or capture the very best 3/4D imagery there is a small additional charge of £25. Please ensure you inform us at the the time of booking as we'll need to book out a little more time for your appointment.


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