Introducing the BUMPKINS BUMP BOX!!!!!

You’ve told us you love coming to Bumpkins York, that it’s an experience you’ll treasure and you’d like to come again and again, that’s it’s special, so, Kate & I got to thinking…..

“What else could Bumpkins York bring you that’s special, a treat, something to look forward to and meets our (and your) high expectations in terms of value and quality?”

After a lot of researching, sampling & meeting suppliers (it’s a tough job!) we’re super proud and excited to bring to you the Bumpkins Bump Boxes.

A trimester aligned subscription service, where you'll receive a box full of loveliness, delivered direct to your door each trimester.


Stacked full of goodies you won’t find everywhere on the high street, the products we’ve sourced are (wherever possible) organic and are from companies we’ve hand picked because their ethos & values are similar to our own. 


The products included are (in the main) aimed at you clever Mummy’s who, in our opinion deserve to be nurtured & pampered, you are, after all growing another actual human being!!

Here's how it works....

Whether you’re treating yourself, looking for a gift for your partner or loved one the Bumpkins Bump Boxes will not disappoint, chock full of amazing products (if we do say so ourselves) we’ve taken the hard work out of finding some really special products AND they come beautifully packaged AND to your door!!

The Bumpkins Bump Boxes are broadly Trimester aligned and there’s four, yes we know Trimester is strictly speaking three but hey, why have three gorgeous boxes of loveliness when you can have four??!!

You may already be well in to your pregnancy journey but don't worry, you can join us at any point, so, select your starting point and then every trimester milestone we’ll mail you out your next box. We mail out the boxes on the 1st of every month (or the nearest working day if the 1st falls on a weekend) and they are sent Royal Mail Tracked so we both have the peace of mind they’ll find their way to you.

And that’s it, as easy as that.


Not wanting to leave out the Daddys & Mummys to be that are rocking it, supporting you and are equally as excited about the new arrival we’ve created two additional boxes just for them. You can add these to your subscription or purchase as stand alone gifts.

Want to be the first to know more? Register and as soon as the Bumpkins Bump Box subscription service goes LIVE! we'll email you.

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